A Leap of Faith: From Call Center Agent to The VA Hub Virtual Assistant

I have worked in different call centers for the past few years. I’ve made friends from the different teams I belonged to  whom some of them became  my closest friends and others are your typical friends who come and go. There are also a lot of things that I learned from personal, social and financial aspect all thanks to me being part of this industry. As much as I would like to continue, I no longer feel the excitement and the enthusiasm I once had when I first started my career until frustration took over. While some of my colleagues are looking to climb up the corporate ladder, I am looking to have more freedom and flexibility while keeping a stable job. So I decided to take a leap of faith and quit to look for something more and something better.

I feel like I’m starting to look as gloomy as the person in the picture except I’m a dude.

I tried signing up on different freelance job marketplace out there but it doesn’t seem that I’m having any luck. It’s either there are a lot of competition or I find the offer too low for me to even consider. My savings are running low and is becoming barely enough to cover the bills that I’m paying for every month. I’m starting to regret the decision I’ve made quitting my job.

As I’m browsing through my Facebook looking for different groups that has something to do with freelancing and home-based jobs, I came across with this company “The VA Hub” and their offer is quite attractive. I tried searching the internet for any reference about this company but I can’t seem to find any. I found out that they are a startup company and I thought that this is gonna be a great opportunity to be part of their success so I decided to try it out and apply for the position they are looking for and luckily, I successfully made it.

I am now on my second week of training and I’m learning a lot from the lessons and I’m having a pretty good idea on how my life would be if I get to pass the training and have my first client. If you feel like trying out something new and you don’t know where to start, leave your contact details and I’ll forward it to our interviewers of our company. Good luck to both of us!


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